Release Date: June 6, 2017

Trend Micro Vulnerability Identifier: VRTS-93, 645

Platform(s): Windows OS


Trend Micro has released an updated build of the Trend Micro Security family of consumer-focused products for Microsoft Windows. This new build resolves two vulnerabilites related to the product's kernel driver, that if exploited could lead to an unauthrorized escalation of privileges or other compromises on the product.

Affected version(s):

Product Affected Version(s) Platform Language(s)
Premium Security 2017 (Version 11) Microsoft Windows English
Maximum Security 2017 (Version 11) Microsoft Windows English
Internet Security 2017 (Version 11) Microsoft Windows English
Antivirus + Security 2017 (Version 11) Microsoft Windows English


Trend Micro has released an update to resolve this issue. Your Trend Micro Security program should receive the update automatically as long as your computer is connected to the Internet.

Product Versions Update Build Platform
All 2017 Trend Micro Security Products (version 11) 11.1.1045 Windows OS

Version 11.1.1045 is now available on Trend Micro's ActiveUpdate servers. If your computer has an Internet connection and your Trend Micro Security program receives regular automatic updates, you should have already received the update.

Vulnerability Details

This update resolves two vulnerabilities in Trend Micro Security 2017 (Version 11) products:

  1. Input to the product from an untrusted source could convert its value to a pointer and then dereferences the resulting pointer, which can have an impact on the product's integrity or avaliability.
  2. An attacker could gain access to otherwise unauthorized resources (privilege escalation) by exploiting a vulnerabiity in the product related to a discrepency between the time in which a resource is checked versus actually used.


Trend Micro would like to thank the following individuals for responsibly disclosing these issues and working with Trend Micro to help protect our customers:

  • @bee13oy of CloverSec Labs working with Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative
  • Jaanus Kp of Clarified Security working with Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative

Additional Assistance

Customers who have questions are encouraged to contact Technical Support for further assistance.

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