Trend Micro is aware of and has been closely monitoring the latest software security hack that has affected Piriform CCleaner program.

We assure you that the latest version of Trend Micro Security provides effective protection against this software security hack.

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It has been reported that a version of Piriform CCleaner.exe has been compromised/trojanized resulting in the installation of multi-stage backdoor capable of receiving instructions from threat actors on affected systems.

Listed below are the affected versions of CCleaner:

  • CCleaner version 5.33.6162
  • CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191

Trend Micro already detects the trojanized CCleaner as BKDR_CCHACK.A and BKDR_CCHAK.B.



Here are the steps to make sure you are protected from the Trojanized CCleaner:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Trend Micro Security. You can check here if you already have the latest version or follow instructions here to upgrade Trend Micro Security to the latest version.
  2. Make sure your Trend Micro Security has the latest Security and Program updates. You can check here to manually update your Trend Micro Security.
  3. Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of CCleaner and remove the affected versions.


To remove CCleaner, do the following:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows Windows Key + R keys.
  2. In the Open field, type "appwiz.cpl", then press ENTER. The Programs and Features window will open.
  3. Select CCleaner version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191, then click Remove or Uninstall.
  4. Wait for the program to be uninstalled, then restart your computer.

If you encounter any problems with the uninstallation process, contact the software manufacturer's support team.

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