Learn how to uninstall or remove Antivirus One from your Mac computer.

Uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus One

  1. Quit the Antivirus One process. Right-click the icon in the upper right corner and choose Quit.

    Quit Antivirus One

  2. Open Finder. Go to Applications. Right-click Antivirus One, then choose Move to Trash.

    Antivirus One Move to Trash

    You may get this message when you try to move Antivirus One to the trash:
    "The item "Antivirus One" can’t be moved to the Trash because some of its extensions are in use."

    This message appears because components of Antivirus One are still running. Your Safari browser may still have an Antivirus One extension in use.

    1. Check if there is a small dot below the icon of the Safari browser.

      If there is a small dot, it means that it is still open in the background.

      Safari Still Opened

    2. Right-click the Safari icon, then click Quit.

      Quit Safari

      The small dot should disappear. You can now move the app to the trash.

  3. Delete other Antivirus One files or its remnants.
    1. Click Go on the menu bar, then choose Go to Folder.

      Go to Folder

    2. Type ~/Library/Containers, then click Go.

      Open Containers

    3. Look for the folder
      and move it to the Trash.

      Containers Move to Trash

  4. Empty the Trash, then restart your Mac.
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