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Say Goodbye to Dr. Cleaner. Upgrade to a Better and Stronger Cleaner One Pro! All-in-One Mac Clean Master and Your Best Mac Optimizer.

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Dear Customers,

    "Due to Apple App Store policy updates, some features in Dr. Cleaner, such as Memory Optimization, System Monitor, App Manager, and File Shredder, will no longer be available, therefore it will stop getting updates.

    For this reason, we recommend upgrading your Dr. Cleaner with our new free app - Cleaner One Pro. Cleaner One Pro is distributed via our official site instead of the App Store. Rest assured, Cleaner One Pro is still notarized by Apple."

Why upgrade to Cleaner One Pro


Your Mac deserves the most efficient and comprehensive cleaning assistant.

  • Now supports MacOS Monterey
  • Faster scans
  • No longer restricted to Apple Sandbox limitations
  • New junk file types were added for deep cleaning

Feature Comparison

Vulnerability Scan
Start-up Manager
Find Similar Photos
Scan Speed
Latest OS Support  
Premium Support  
Junk File Categories 8
Security Sandbox
Notarized by Apple
Menu Bar
Remove Junk Files
Remove Big Files
Disk Map
Remove Duplicate Files
App Manager
File Shredder

Enhanced Features to cater your needs. Give it a try!

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Cleaner One Pro is also available in Windows.
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