You notice after updating your Mac, Mac mini, Macbook Air, Pro or iMac to macOS Ventura, there are frequent system crashes.

Why did this happen?

There may be a number of causes for macOS Ventura's frequent crashes. Some of them include:

  • Hardware problem
  • A flaw in the macOS
  • Other unidentified issues

What should I do next?

Check for MacOS and Application Updates

  • Check for macOS Ventura Updates. Go to System Preferences > Software Update. These updates might fix the crash issues.
  • Ensure all your installed apps are updated. Mac A faulty outdated App might cause your Mac to crash.
    Update all your apps through the Appstore or the Update menu within the app.

Check if your Mac overheats

Your Mac Force Closes itself if the device is overheating to avoid further internal damage.

  • Ensure proper ventilation for your device.
  • Make sure its fans are working.
  • Clear out dust or foreign materials potentially blocking it.

Reboot Your Mac In Safe Mode

  1. Go to Safe Mode depending on which device you have:
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    For Intel Mac devices
    For Apple silicon Mac devices
  2. Isolate and observe the issue if it is reoccurring in Safe Mode.
    • If issue occurs in Safe Mode, reinstall the macOS.
    • If issue is not happening in Safe Mode. restart your Mac again. This will exit Safe Mode. Test your issue again.

Reinstall Your Mac

If your Mac is still crashing, reinstall the macOS.

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For Intel Mac devices
For Apple silicon Mac devices

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