Your Mac is unable to download the macOS Monterey update or fails to completely download the file.

Why did this happen?

  • You network connection might be unstable.
  • Your Mac might not be compatible with macOS Monterey.
  • Your Mac might run out of disk space to install the upgrade.

What should I do next?

  • Make sure you have a fast and stable Internet connection:

    Network connection issues can cause download errors when updating your macOS. Perform a speed test or disconnect other devices connected to the network to improve the speed and stability of the download.

  • Check if your Mac is compatible with macOS Monterey:

    Listed below are devices that can run the new operating system:

    • MacBook, early 2016 and later
    • MacBook Air, early 2015 and later
    • MacBook Pro, early 2015 and later
    • Mac Pro, late 2013 and later
    • Mac Mini, late 2014 and later
    • iMac, late 2015 and later
    • iMac Pro, 2017 and later
  • Check if you have enough storage:

    Your Mac needs to have at least 20 GB of free disk space to run macOS Monterey:

    1. Go to Apple menu > About this Mac.
    2. Click the Storage tab.
    3. Click Manage... to see detailed lists of what is taking up storage and where it is located on your Mac.
    4. Delete files or apps you do not need to free up some space.
    5. Empty the Trash.

    You can use Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro to help clean up your storage.

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