Know how Emotet emerged as a banking and data theft malware and how Trend Micro Security can protect you.

What is Emotet?

Emotet is a banking malware that attempts to infect computers and steal sensitive information. This malware mostly spreads by spam and phishing emails via infected attachments and embedded malicious URLs. It has worm-like capabilities to spread to other connected computers. It also collects the victim’s contact list and sends itself to the email addresses in the contact list.

How bad is this?

Emotet gathers and steals user credentials of various applications that violate user privacy. It also compromises system security with backdoor capabilities that can execute malicious commands.

It also knows if it’s running inside a virtual machine (VM) and will lay dormant if it detects a sandbox environment, preventing detection and analysis.

How can I remove Emotet and prevent infection?

Update Windows

Keeping your Windows Operating System up-to-date helps improve your device's security. Check for Windows Updates every time to keep your computer safe. Guide me how.

Install a Security software

Installing a security software, like Trend Micro Maximum Security, will protect your computer against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other unwanted invaders that can make your computer sick.

I have Trend Micro Security installed

Run a scan to remove Emotet and all types of malware infections.

I am not yet a Trend Micro user

Install Trend Micro Maximum Security to help you remove Emotet and protect you from all these infections automatically. Try it for FREE.

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