The Trend Micro Toolbar provides additional security by working with Mozilla Firefox to provide safety ratings to websites when you do searches online. This allows you to check whether a link or website is either Safe, Suspicious or Dangerous before you access it.

Install Trend Micro Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox on Mac

  1. Download the file below:

    Download TM Toolbar

  2. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Click the Menu () icon, then click Add-Ons.
  4. Click the Tools for all add-ons () icon, then choose Install Add-on From File....

  5. Look for the file under the Downloads or Desktop folder.
  6. Click Add.

    Add Trend Micro Toolbar in Firefox | Antivirus for Mac

  7. Make sure Trend Micro Toolbar is enabled:
    1. Click the Firefox menu Firefox menu > Add-ons.
    2. Check if Trend Micro Toolbar is turned ON.

      Trend Micro Toolbar Enabled

Trend Micro Toolbar Page Rating

  • Trend Micro Toolbar rates links on the results of popular search engines.

    Google Search results

  • Trend Micro Toolbar rates links on any webpage you visit. Hover the mouse over the link and the rating will appear.

    Checking links

  • Trend Micro Toolbar rates links on Social Networking sites to keep you safe from security risks:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

Rating Guide

Safe Safe Trend Micro considers this page safe. It does not pose a risk to your security.
Suspicious Suspicious Trend Micro has found that this page could pose a security risk. Avoid the site if possible, or exercise caution if you do open it.
Dangerous Dangerous Trend Micro has identified this page as dangerous. It may contain hidden malicious software, or shows signs of involvement in "phishing," a kind of fraud in which fake websites mimic legitimate ones to steal information.
Blocked Blocked You have decided to block this page.
Trusted Trusted You have decided to trust this page, but Trend Micro has not confirmed this rating.
Untested Untested Trend Micro has not yet tested this page. It may use an unsupported protocol (something other than HTTP).
No Response No Response Unable to contact the page rating system. Check your Internet connection and proxy server settings.

Trend Micro Fraud Buster

When you open an email message from a supported webmail service, Fraud Buster can automatically scan the content for phishing links or scams.

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