Trend Micro ID Security is an app that can monitor your data and alert you if any of your personal information is circulating on the Dark Web. Here are some of its features:

Feature Description
Email Checker Checks if the email address associated with your online accounts has been leaked on the Dark Web. Once found, the app will show you the passwords to update for better protection.
Credit Card Checker
National ID Checker
Bank account
Driver’s License
Phone Number
Checks if someone has stolen these personal information and put it on the Dark Web.
Password Checker Checks if you have used a password currently available on the Dark Web. With this feature, you can determine if the password you used is unique and nobody else has ever used it.
Dark Web Personal Data Monitor ID Security monitors your data and immediately sends alerts if any of your information appeared on the Dark Web. It also provides tips and recommendations on how to avoid identity theft.

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