Adware programs may redirect your browser home page to a different search engine, hindering you to the things you want to do when browsing the Internet.

Adware Cleaner is a feature in a Antivirus One that helps remove these annoying adware and pop up ads that was unknowingly installed on your Mac.

Fix website redirection issues using Adware Cleaner

  1. Open Antivirus One.
  2. Click the Pattern Update button.

    Antivirus One Pattern Update

  3. Wait as the app downloads and installs the latest updates.
  4. Select Adware Cleaner after the update.
  5. Click the Clean Now button.

    Adware Cleaner in Antivirus One

How to manually update apps on your Mac

Make sure to update your apps regularly for better performance and security.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Go to Updates in the sidebar.
  3. Choose Update for one app or Update All to update everything.

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