Fraud Buster detects fraudulent messages using AI technology, sent to Gmail and on Google Chrome or on Chromebooks.

Enabling this feature allows Trend Micro to scan your email content to protect you against scam, phishing, and suspicious emails.

Turn on Fraud Buster in Google Chrome

Enable Fraud Buster

  1. While logged into Gmail or Outlook, click the Turn on Fraud Buster button.

    If you have closed the popup, you may open the main console, and then click Fraud Buster.

  2. Read and accept the Data Collection Notice, and then click Agree and Turn On.

    Enable Fraud Buster in Google Chrome

    You will see this message when Fraud Buster is enabled completely.

    Fraud Buster has been turned on in Google Chrome

Scan malicious emails

When you open an email in your Gmail or your accounts, Fraud Buster automatically scans its contents. If you receive a dangerous, phishing, or scam mail, Fraud Buster will show a warning message on the browser.

Here are the pop-up messages that you might see:

Malicious Link Detected in Google Chrome

Scam Email Detected in Google Chrome

Phishing Link Detected in Google Chrome

View Detection Summary

  1. Click View Details.

    Phishing Link Detected - View Details in Google Chrome

  2. Depending on the result, Fraud Buster will also provide recommendation to ensure you are protected online.

Report falsely detected emails

If Fraud Buster detects a non-malicious email, you can report it to us to improve its AI technology.

  1. Click Report scan result. It will automatically be sent to Trend Micro for analysis.

    Fraud Buster - Report scan result in Google Chrome

    Fraud Buster - Report sent in Google Chrome

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