Learn how to manage Trend Micro Pay Guard effectively with these simple steps, allowing for temporary removal without the hassle:

  1. Delete the desktop shortcut icon if you wish to temporarily disable Pay Guard.
  2. Need to use it again? Access Pay Guard easily from the Trend Micro program.

Temporarily Disable the Pay Guard Pop Up

If you find the Pay Guard pop ups temporarily intrusive, follow these steps:

  1. Open Trend Micro and navigate to the Privacy tab.
  2. Click Configure beside Pay Guard.
  3. If an Introduction page appears, click OK.
  4. Within the Choose what to do when visiting banking or shopping websites section, you'll find three options: Always open, Ask me what to do, and Do nothing.
  5. Click Do nothing and click OK to save changes.

These straightforward actions help you temporarily manage Pay Guard, ensuring a smooth online experience.

Is Pay Guard Free?

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Is Pay Guard Available for Microsoft Edge?

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How to Launch Pay Guard

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How to Customize Pay Guard

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