With Pay Guard, you can access banking and shopping sites securely through your default browser.

  1. On your Desktop, double-click the Trend Micro Pay Guard shortcut icon.


  2. Your default browser will open with Trend Micro Pay Guard welcome screen.


  3. Enter the address of the bank or the shopping site you wish to access.


How Trend Micro Pay Guard protects financial transactions

Pay Guard is a protected web browser that adds an extra layer of protection when banking or shopping online. It protects you against browser injections and other threats to your identity or security.

Is it free?

Trend Micro Pay Guard is FREE of charge. It does not have additional cost and is already included on your Trend Micro Security subscription.

Is it available for Microsoft Edge?

Currently, Microsoft Edge is not yet supported by Pay Guard. If Microsoft Edge is set as the default browser, Pay Guard will launch in Internet Explorer instead.

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