Keep your financial accounts and personal information safe when purchasing items online. Follow these recommended Trend Micro settings on your Windows computer for a secure online shopping experience.

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Enable Trend Micro features on your PC

Turn On Financial Data Protection

With its Pay Guard feature, Trend Micro protects your financial data by isolating your browser from possible attacks. We recommend you set its automatic protection:

  1. Open Trend Micro.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Click Configure beside Pay Guard.
  4. Make sure to select Ask every time before opening banking or shopping websites in Pay Guard.

    Whenever you open a shopping or banking website, a protected version of your default browser will open automatically.

TIP: You can also launch the Pay Guard browser directly via the shortcut on your desktop.

Turn On Anti-phishing

When searching for your bank or favorite shops, scams and fake websites may appear in search results. Trend Micro's browser toolbar will show you which websites are safe to visit and which are not. It will also warn you of the security risks associated with websites before you access them.

Watch this video or follow our guides on how to add Trend Micro Toolbar on your browsers.

Note that scams can also be found in emails. Take advantage of Trend Micro Toolbar's Email Defender to spot these FAKE deals and promotions easily. Turn ON now.

Set Up Password Protection

Keeping your login credentials and passwords safe is essential. Trend Micro recommends you use Password Manager to store these sensitive information in one secure location that only you can access. This app also allows you to sign in to your financial websites without having to remember multiple passwords.

Here’s our guide on how to add it to your favorite browsers: How to enable Password Manager Extension.

TIP: You can store more information like credit cards and billing details to quickly fill out online forms for faster checkout.

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