Trend Micro Toolbar uses a rating system to tell you if sites you are searching for are SAFE or DANGEROUS.

After installing Trend Micro Security on your Windows computer, add Trend Micro to your Google Chrome Toolbar, available in Google Chrome Web Store, to provide additional security to help keep you safe online.

  1. Open Google Chrome.

    If you’ve got Trend Micro Security installed, you should see this pop up:

    Safeguard Google Chrome - Trend Micro Security

  2. Click the Install Trend Micro Toolbar button.

    If you don’t see the pop up, you can install it here.

    That will take you to this page on the Chrome web store:

    Add Trend Micro Toolbar to Google Chrome

  3. Click Add to Chrome.

    If your button says Remove from Chrome, that means you already got the toolbar installed.

    If you still cannot see it, you might need to enable the toolbar in your browser.

  4. Click Add extension.

    Once you've clicked Add extension, you’ll get another pop-up telling you you’ve successfully installed the toolbar:

    Success Notification in Adding Trend Micro Toolbar in Chrome

    And that means you’re ready to go. You’ll now see the Trend Micro icon at the top right of your Chrome toolbar.

Still having problems?
Here are some answers you might be looking for:

I've followed those steps, but I still can't see the icon in my toolbar

You might need to enable the toolbar in Chrome.

I've searched for the toolbar in Chrome's web store, but I can't find it

Only Trend Micro Security customers can access the toolbar, so it won’t show up in search.
Download it here instead.

I've got a notification saying my original extensions will be merged into one

You don't need to do anything if you see this. It's just telling you that we've simplified the Trend Micro Toolbar – we used to have three different extensions, and now we’ve rolled them into one.

I can see two Trend Micro icons on my toolbar

Try closing and re-opening Chrome. You should only see one icon now.