If you want to keep your iOS/iPadOS devices protected against threats, upgrade to a paid version or replace an already expired license with a new one, change the registered Trend Micro activation key on your Mobile Security app.

  1. Go to our Trend Micro Product Activation portal.
  2. Enter your new activation key.
  3. Put a check beside I have read and agree to the Trend Micro License Agreement, then click Next.
  4. Sign in to your Trend Micro Account or you can create a new one.
  5. Fill out the required information, then click Next.
  6. Once done, sign out of your account and DO NOT proceed with the download.
  7. On your iPhone or iPad, tap the Mobile Security app.
  8. Scroll down, then tap Settings.
  9. Under ACCOUNT & REGISTRATION, tap Trend Micro Account > Account Control > Sign Out.

    Sign out

  10. Enter your password, then tap Sign Out.
  11. Go back to Settings.
  12. Under ACCOUNT & REGISTRATION, tap Set Up Account.
  13. Tap Sign in with a different account.

    Sign in with a different account

  14. Enter the new email address and password of the account you used with your new activation key, then tap Sign in.

    Sign in

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