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Know how to uninstall or remove WiFi Protection app.

For Android

  1. Tap and hold the app located on the home screen.
  2. Drag it to the Uninstall section that appears on the screen.
  3. Tap OK when the pop-up window appears.

For iPhone or iPad

  1. Touch and hold the app on the home screen until the icon jiggles.
  2. Tap X.
  3. Press the Home button.

For Windows

  1. Click the Start , then go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. You can also access it via the shortcut button below:

    Windows Apps & Features

  2. From the list, choose Trend Micro WiFi Protection, then click Uninstall.

For Mac

  1. Click Go-To > Applications.
  2. From the list, choose Trend Micro WiFi Protection.
  3. Drag the app to the trash.
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