In this article, we will explain the different order statuses for your Trend Micro purchase through Digital River. Knowing these statuses can help you track your order and ensure it arrives on time.

Digital River is a partner of Trend Micro, providing e-commerce services for the sale and distribution of Trend Micro's antivirus and security software products.

Primary Status

Complete Order has been placed and the payment for the order has been received and processed.
Open Order has not been completed. Nothing will be charged to the customer until the customer completes the order.
Order Saved Order was placed as a "Quote" order. The order can be found and completed through the "Search Quotes" link in DR | globalCommerce.
Risk Orders that are suspected to be, or are, fraudulent.
Canceled The order has been canceled in the ecommerce system, nothing will be delivered and nothing will be charged to the customer.
Pending Payment Order has been processed but payment has not yet been received. This status is typically seen when an order is placed using a check, money order, or wire transfer as the method of payment.
Payment Received Order was pending payment and has now been received. The order will remain in this status until the funds have cleared the bank.
Submitted Order has been completed and has been submitted to the fulfiller. This status should not appear very long on digital orders as they are sent to the fulfiller almost immediately. This status remains until we have confirmation that the order was received by the fulfiller.
In Process The order has been completed and sent to the fulfiller. This status will remain until the fulfiller acknowledges that the order has shipped.
Quote The order was used as a quote template.
In Review The fraud department is currently reviewing the order. The status will change appropriately once the order has been reviewed.
Suppressed The order was canceled before any processing occurred. Nothing will show on the credit card and nothing will be shipped.
Approval Required The order is currently waiting to be approved, or denied. Once approved, the status will change to match the order's new status.
Disputed Order is currently being disputed (this is the same as a chargeback).

Secondary Status

Test Status displayed on orders that were placed as "test orders."
Settled Completed order in which the transaction settlement has been received for the entire amount of the order.
Not Settled Completed orders where a transaction settlement has not yet occurred.
Partially Settled Completed order in which a settlement transaction exists for a portion, but not all, of the order.
Refunded Completed order that has been totally refunded."
Partially Refunded Completed order in which a refund has been processed for a portion of the total sale amount.
Pending Refund Refund has been initiated but not completed.
Refund - Failed Refund has been intiated but registered credit/debit card is expired or no longer available.

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