If you're having trouble printing or your printer disconnects when using VPN Proxy One Pro, this article will guide you through fixing the issue.

Why did this happen?

This issue is a known product limitation. As part of its security and privacy features, devices with VPN Proxy One Pro enabled become part of a virtual private network, which makes them not recognizable by other devices connected to your home (local) network.

How do I resolve this?

To resolve this issue, follow the appropriate steps based on your printer type:

For Epson Printers:

Install the Epson Remote Print Driver. Follow the instructions here.

For other printers:

  1. On your device, open the VPN Proxy One Pro app.
  2. Click or tap the big circle button to disable the app temporarily.
  3. Proceed to print your papers and documents.
  4. Once done, click or tap the big circle button to enable the VPN Proxy One Pro app.

Note: The steps mentioned above are temporary solutions, and we are actively working to fix this product limitation.

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