Learn how to generate various logs from your Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac software such as:

  • Scan Results

    This list appears by default when you first open this page, and shows all the files that may contain malicious software found while scanning your Mac.

  • Unsafe Websites Found

    This list shows all the websites blocked because they contain malicious software or seemed involved in online fraud. The Page Rating column shows the risk of opening a particular site. Because some attackers have found ways to sabotage legitimate websites with malicious software, seemingly trustworthy websites may sometimes appear here.

  • Websites Filtered

    This list shows all the websites blocked according to the Website Filter categories that you have selected.

  • Updates Received

    This list shows all of the updates downloaded by Antivirus for Mac since the last time you purged the list.

  • Folder Shield

    This list shows all the programs blocked because they tried to open or make unauthorized changes to files protected by Folder Shield.

Export logs for Antivirus for Mac

  1. On the Logs screen, select a specific log type, then select a period or date range.

    Log Export

    To narrow down the results shown for a particular log, you can choose a specific date range using the Period dropdown list.

    Viruses and threats found by your Antivirus for Mac have been prevented and resolved. There is no additional action needed.

    You can export one log type at a time.

  2. Click Export.
  3. Select a location you want to save the logs file, then click Save. Logs file will be saved as .CSV file.

    If you cannot see this feature, you are probably using an older version. To upgrade to the latest version, click here.

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