You suddenly see random pop up messages or advertisements on your computer.

Why did this happen?

Your computer may have malware infection or have malicious programs installed.

How do I fix this?

  1. Restart computer in Safe Mode with Networking:
    1. Click the Windows Start Menu button , then click Power.

      Power button

    2. Press and hold the SHIFT key, then click Restart.

      Power button

    3. Click Troubleshoot.

      Choose an option

    4. Click Advanced Options.

      Advanced Options

    5. Click Windows Startup Settings.

      Windows Startup Setting

    6. Click Restart.


    7. On your keyboard, Press the 5/F5 key to enable Safe Mode with Networking.

      Startup Settings screen on Windows 10

    8. Log on to Windows using an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Remove unnecessary toolbars and programs:
    1. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run window.
    2. Type appwiz.cpl, then press ENTER.
    3. Uninstall unfamiliar programs or toolbars you see on the list.
  3. Check for malware infection
    Viruses may have infected your computer, which causes these pop ups to appear. Remove them using Trend Micro Housecall.
    After completing the steps above, restart your computer to normal mode to check if the pop ups will still appear.

Pop ups still showing?

It may take some time to go through every browser and settings mentioned in all the steps listed above.

Install Trend Micro Check on Google Chrome to get rid of this annoying ads easily.

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