Pre-Installation Scan feature of Mobile Security for Android utilizes the Accessibility function on your Android device to be able to check the apps you download from Google Play Store for security risks before you install them on your device.

This feature is enabled on your device by default. There is no need to trigger it because it automatically scans the app before you install it.

Due to incompatibility issues with the Google Play Store July 2020 update (version 21.0.17), the Pre-Installation Scan feature of Trend Micro Mobile Security may not work properly. Trend Micro is already aware of this issue and is working on the fix.

Pre-Installation Scan for Mobile Security for Android versions 8.0 and below

This feature in Mobile Security for Android can detect malicious apps and prevent their installation from the Google Play Store (for devices running Android 4.0 to 7.0). Mobile Security for Android uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to check the Google Play download link and scan the installation package. All network traffic from your device will pass through a local analyzer and filter when using the Trend Micro VPN. After enabling the VPN, you may notice the following changes:

  • Up to a 10% decrease in the speed of your network connection.
  • A measurable increase in data traffic:
    • This traffic increase results from using the VPN, but it does not necessarily mean that the Mobile Security app caused the change.
    • Certain data monitoring apps may report twice the actual data usage – depending on the design of the device. Use the device Settings to check the built-in Data Usage monitor.

      You cannot use the VPN on devices running versions of Android older than the 4.0 release.

To use the Pre-Installation scan feature of the app, you need to enable the screen lock feature of your device and use a password to unlock it.

  1. Go to Settings, then tap Security.
  2. Tap Screen Lock, then select Pin.
  3. Enter your desired Pin code.

Once you have set up a password on your device, you should be able to enable the Pre-Install feature.

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