Pre-Installation Scan prevents installation of malicious apps from the Android Google Play Store.

Do I need to set up lockscreen to use Pre-Installation Scan?

Yes, you must set up lockscreen protection such as a PIN, a pattern, or a password.

Is it safe to allow permissions on these apps?

It depends on which app you will allow permission.

Here's a pro tip: Review and adjust app permissions regularly and only grant access to apps that need it. For instance, some apps may use your microphone to collect audio data or even record your conversations without your knowledge. Only give microphone access to apps like voice recorders or video chat apps. Learn more.

Can I use Miracast after enabling Pre-Installation Scan?

No, due to VPN limitations, you must first disable the Pre-Installation Scan before using Miracast.

Can I share my Internet connection through USB or Bluetooth tethering while using Pre-Installation Scan?

No, you must switch off the Pre-Installation Scan/VPN if you want to share your Internet connection.

How do I enable Pre-Installation Scan for another device?

You cannot use the Pre-Installation Scan for secondary user accounts due to Android limitations.

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