Pre-Installation Scan prevents installation of malicious apps from the Android Google Play Store.

Do I need to set up lockscreen to use Pre-Installation Scan?

Yes, you must set up lockscreen protection such as a PIN, a pattern, or a password.

Is it safe to allow permissions on these apps?

It depends on which app you will allow permission.

Here's a pro tip: Regularly review other apps permissions and control what information or access they have on your Android phone or tablet. Learn more.

Can I use Miracast after enabling Pre-Installation Scan?

No, due to VPN limitations, you must first disable the Pre-Installation Scan before using Miracast.

Can I share my Internet connection through USB or Bluetooth tethering while using Pre-Installation Scan?

No, you must switch off the Pre-Installation Scan/VPN if you want to share your Internet connection.

How do I enable Pre-Installation Scan for another device?

You cannot use the Pre-Installation Scan for secondary user accounts due to Android limitations.

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