You see this error message when you clicked the Password Manager Toolbar:

"Unable to Help with Your Passwords"

Why did this happen?

What should I do next?

On some computers, Password Manager may take longer to load completely. Wait for three to five minutes before using Password Manager.

If the error is still there after 5 minutes, install the Password Manager root certificate.

Install Password Manager root certificate on Windows

For Mozilla Firefox
For Google Chrome

Install Password Manager root certificate on Mac

  1. Launch keychain access by doing any of the following:
    • Go to Applications, click Utilities, then start the Keychain
    • Use Spotlight, then search for "keychain".
  2. Click System, then click Certificates.
  3. Click Password Manager Root certificate.
  4. On the Password Manager Root screen, set Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and X.509 Basic Policy to Always Trust.
  5. Close the Password Manager Root screen, then type the system password to save it.
  6. Restart your browser, then check if Password Manager is now available.

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