Learn how to sign in to Trend Micro Password Manager using your Trend Micro Account.

Sign in to Password Manager

  1. Search for Password Manager on your list of Application or double-click the Password Manager icon on your Desktop.
  2. On the main page, click Start Now. This will open the Sign in page.
  3. Log in using your Trend Micro Account credentials, then click Next.


    If you do not have a Trend Micro Account:

    1. Click Create an account.
    2. Fill out the form, then click Next.


    3. Choose either Use the free version, or Provide your Premium version Activation code, then click Next.


    4. Create your master password to completely activate the program, then click Create.It is highly recommend to include letters, numbers and special characters to strengthen your password.
  4. Your account should be signed in and you'd be able to use your Trend Micro Password Manager.