Master Password is a key that you register during the first activation of your Password Manager. It is the only password you need to remember when using Password Manager. You use it every time you open the Password Manager console.

Is my Master Password the same as with my Trend Micro MyAccount password?

No, the Master Password is not the same as your Trend Micro MyAccount password. The Master Password is used in opening or unlocking your Password Manager.

Is there another way to sign in instead of using my Master Password?

Aside from using the Master Password, you can use the fingerprint authentication feature of your mobile device. This feature is available on iOS (iOS 9 or above) and Android (version 6.0 or above) devices with fingerprint scanners.

What do I need to do if I forgot my Master Password?

Since your Master Password contains your private information, Trend Micro will not be able to retrieve your Master Password nor provide you a temporary password. You need to reset your account to create a new Master Password.

For more information about Password Manager, refer to this Knowledge Base article:
Password Manager FAQs

How does Password Manager protect my identity, passwords and secure notes?

Information you saved in Password Manager is encrypted with PBKDF2 AES256bit that can only be decrypted by your Master Password. Trend Micro doesn't keep a copy of your Master Password and has no access to your information. Make sure not to share your Master Password with someone else.