Configure, change and edit how Trend Micro Antivirus responds to threats on your Mac.

  1. Open Trend Micro Antivirus.
  2. Click the Scans tab.

    Main Console - Scans tab

  3. Click Change Settings....

    Change Settings

  4. Click the Scans tab.


    • Check Enable Real-Time Scanning so the program can detect threats when you open, save, or download files.
    • Check Enable Scheduled Scans so the program can scan for threats according to the schedule that you select.
    • Choose from the Targets dropdown list on which locations the program will scan for threats.
      • Recommended files checks only files likely to contain malicious software. Helps reduce the time needed for the scan and its impact on the performance of your Mac.
      • All files on your Mac checks all the files on your Mac, except for encrypted or password-protected files.
      • Only the files that you select lets you specify exactly which files or folders Antivirus for Mac checks on your Mac.
    • Choose from the Schedule dropdown list on how often you want the program to thoroughly scan your Mac.
      • Daily
      • Weekly shows a list of days to choose from.
      • Daily shows a list of dates from 1 to 31.
    • Specify the Start Time on when the Scheduled Scan starts. Choose a time when you expect to have your Mac powered on.
    • Choose from the What Scans Should Do dropdown list on how the program will treat the detected threat.
      • Automatically stop the threat will first try to remove (Clean) any threat found. If unable to do so, it will quarantine the file instead. It will delete unsafe files if it cannot clean or quarantine the detected file.
      • Customize lets you select the program should respond upon finding the threat. Choosing Clean as the first action lets you select a backup response in case cleaning does not stop the threat.
    • Check Scan Compressed Files to check for hidden threats found in zipped files. This takes scans take longer to finish. Compressed files are only scanned if the Enable Real-Time Scanning is enabled.
    • Click the Edit the List button beside Quarantined Files to see detected files that contains malicious software that the program is unable to clean or delete.
    • Click the Edit the List button beside File Not Scanned to specify files the program will ignore for malicious software.
    • Click the Restore Defaults button to revert to their original settings. The Enable Real-Time Scanning, Enable Scheduled Scans, and Scan Compressed Files are enabled. Response is set to Automatically stop the threat. The Scheduled Scan will take place on the first of every month at midnight.
  5. Click OK to apply the changes.
    Apply Settings
    If you are unable to make changes to the program, click the lock icon to unlock the settings.
    Unlock Change in Settings
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