You see this message on your computer:

Block this program? It is trying to open files protected by Folder Shield.

Why did this happen?

A program or an application tries to access files Trend Micro Folder Shield protects.

What should I do next?

If you know nothing about the mentioned program, click Block to stop the action.

Otherwise, click Trust this program. Trend Micro will automatically add it in the Trusted Program List.

When should I trust the program to open protected files?

  • If you remember downloading, installing, and using the program before.
  • If the program was downloaded from a reputable site.
  • If it is a personally developed software or internally for organizational purposes.

What if a trusted program tries to change or encrypt my files?

Even programs with familiar names like winword.exe (for Microsoft Word) should be blocked. Malware or encrypting ransomware can disguise itself under these names. Trend Micro will find it suspicous and will warn you with this pop up.

Submit a File Reclassification Request

Contact our Support Team to report a misrated program to Trend Micro.

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