You see this notification on the Trend Micro Home Network Security app:

"Command and Control (C&C) Server attack"

Why did this happen?

A Command and Control (C&C) Server attack detected in your network.

What are its risks?

  • C & C server acts as command centers for malware-related attacks to download commands and store stolen data. The server communications allow attackers to move inside a network.
  • It also serves as the headquarters for compromised machines in a botnet. It can be used to propagate commands that can steal data, spread malware, disrupt web services, and more.

What should I do next?

  • Apply the most recent patch to your system. Show me how.
  • For difficult to remove Rootkits, make sure to back up your data first before reverting back your system to prevent losing data.
    • Restore from backups
    • Reinstall your Operating System.
    • Revert computer to its older image.
  • Apply security updates regularly to avoid future infections.

What if I have more questions?

For more information, check out these pages:

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