You receive the following error message/s when you activate your Trend Micro program:

"Too Many Installations.
You may only activate this software on a limited number of computers. Because you have reached that limit, you must either stop protecting another computer, or buy another subscription."

This happens when there are no available license seats left for your program. The license seat is used when you:

  • Installed the program on your computer or other computers
  • Installed the program on the same computer more than once
  • Reinstalled the program on the same computer after reformatting its hard drive
  • Upgraded the program on the same computer where an old version was previously installed
  • Installed and activated any of the following bundled programs using your Trend Micro Security Serial Number:
    • Antivirus for Mac
    • Mobile Security for iOS
    • Mobile Security for Android

Your Trend Micro Security subscription has different license seats:

  • Maximum Security = up to 5 devices
  • Internet Security = 3 devices
  • Antivirus+ Security = 1 device

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You want to protect your current computer and remove protection from your previous computer
You want to transfer protection from one device to another
You want to activate from the main console which says "Not Yet Activated"

If you have multiple computers:

Buy additional protection by clicking Make another purchase on the too many installations window.

Manage your license seats by accessing your Trend Micro Account.

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