There are some instances, wherein a banking website will not open in Secure Browser. It is because the website is not yet supported or Open in Secure Browser is disabled.

Open in Secure Browser

Replay Passwords with the Secure Browser

To replay the passcard using the Secure Browser, enable the Open in Secure Browser setting:

  1. Open your Password Manager:
    • Open the Password Manager desktop application, then sign in.

      Sign into your Trend Micro Account

    • Open your web browser. Click the Password Manager Toolbar, then sign in using your Master Password.

      Provide your Master Password

  2. Click Management Console located at the bottom of the Password Manager window.

    Management Console

  3. Under Passwords list, click the banking website you want to open in a Secure Browser. This will open the Passcard details.

    Password list

  4. Scroll down to the bottom part, then look for Security.
  5. Under Security, make sure Open in Secure Browser is ticked.

    Open in Secure Browser

  6. Open the website, then click Open Website and Sign In. Secure browser window should open.

    Banking website to signin

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