Lost Device Protection in Trend Micro Mobile Security secures your missing Android device and everything stored on it to prevent data theft.

Set up Lost Device Protection on Android

  1. Open the Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Lost Device Protection.
  3. Provide your Trend Micro Account password, then tap Unlock.
  4. Tap I got it to activate Device Administrator.
  5. Tap Mobile Security needs permission to use this feature.
  6. Tap Allow Now, then tap OK.
  7. Allow All Permissions.
    Once done, you will see a Permissions Allowed message.
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    Locate my Android device when it goes missing
    Lock my SIM card to prevent changes
    Rename your device
    Prevent anyone to uninstall Mobile Security

What to do when Android device goes missing

These features will help you locate, lock or wipe a missing mobile device.

  1. On a computer, open a web browser.
  2. Go to the Lost Device Protection portal.
  3. Click the Find Now button.
  4. Log in using your Trend Micro Account.

    The Lost Device Protection portal will open and show devices you saved and registered to the feature.

    • Click Locate to get the location of your mobile device and will display it on a map.
    • Click Alarm to sound an alarm on your lost device, even if it is set to Silent.

      After a few seconds, your device will make a sound so you can find where it is.

      After searching your device, tap the screen to turn off the sound.

    • Click Lock.

      Remote Lock stops others from using your lost device.

      Your device will need your Trend Micro Account password to unlock the device.

    • Click Wipe.

      Remote Wipe deletes all the data stored on your lost device and on the memory card.

      Your device will need your Trend Micro Account password to unlock the device.

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