This article shows you how to protect your device using the Lost Device Protection feature in Mobile Security.

For the Lost Device Protection feature to work properly, you need to:

  • Sign in using your Google account and Trend Micro account. Do not sign out.
  • Activate Mobile Security in Device administrators.
  • Keep Background data enabled in Accounts & Sync.

Visit Lost Device Protection portal to use the Find My Android, Alert, Remote Lock or Remote Wipe features.

  • A Google account is required to enable the Lost Device Protection feature.
  • Make sure to regularly back up your files in case you lost your device and need to wipe your data. To backup files, follow the instructions from this article: Back up or restore data on your Android device.

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Features of Lost Device Protection
​Turn ON/OFF Lost Device Protection
Turn ON/OFF Find My Android
Turn ON/OFF SIM Card Lock
Turn ON/OFF Uninstall Protection
Change mobile device name
Wipe data from mobile device remotely
Lock your mobile device remotely
Unlock your mobile device
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