Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Network Shield feature of Mobile Security for iOS is discontinued.

What are the changes that caused Mobile Security for iOS to no longer support Network Shield?

There has been changes in the App Store policies that prohibited the continuous use of the Network Shield feature. However, it was replaced by Parental Controls feature that has a similar and enhanced function. To know more about Parental Controls, click here.

Will Network Shield be available on future releases of Mobile Security?

With the changes in the App Store policies, there is currently no way to provide this function again and we are working actively to give our users the best protection.

Does this mean that my Apple device is now vulnerable to attacks?

No. Since most attacks come from the Internet, users can utilize the Safe Surfing and Parental Controls features of the app for safer browsing.

If you are still seeing the Network Shield feature on your Mobile Security app, this means that you are still using an outdated version. We recommend you to update to the latest one.

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