This article lists the known issues in Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge. These will be monitored and addressed in the next major release. This document will be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Trend Micro Security Privacy Scanner cannot check Microsoft Edge browser settings.
  • Trend Micro Security will not work when the computer resumes from connected Standby Mode.
    If you encounter this issue, relaunch Edge to restart Trend Micro Security.
  • When in Private Mode, Trend Micro Security cannot show blocking pages.
    Use a normal browser with Trend Micro Security.
  • Trend Micro Security will not activate when using Trend Micro Security Suite License if not yet activated in other programs.

    If you encounter this issue, you must activate the license in your other Trend Micro programs first such as Maximum Security or Mobile Security.

    For further assistance, contact our Technical Support Team.

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