You received this notification to inform you about the risks of browser notifications and how to manage them.

Although the Trend Micro Program can block attempts by notifications to redirect devices to malicious websites, you can prevent these issues in the future by turning notifications off.

What are browser notifications?

Browser notifications are pop-up notifications that come from a website. You can see them on your desktop or device even when your internet browser is closed. They are not always dangerous, but unfortunately, they sometimes contain malicious or fake advertisements.

Examples of suspicious browser notifications:

Fake Browser Notifications Fake Browser Notifications

What are the possible risks?

  • Browser notifications may reappear even after being closed.
  • Brower notifications may redirect you to sites that contain malicious content and lead to a system infection.

How can I prevent this from happening?

When browsing through websites, you may see a pop-up asking for permission for browser notifications. Check the website requesting permission and allow notifications only if you want to receive them.

Allow Notifications

How do I turn off browser notifications?

You will need to change the browser notification settings on your preferred browser: