With students doing school online, setting up Trend Micro Security is a need to stay protected from any online threats. Follow these recommended settings on your PC for safe online learning.

1. Turn On Browsing Protection

When doing your online research, fake websites and forums offering unreliable information may appear in search results. Trend Micro's browser toolbar will show you which websites are safe to visit and which are not. It will also warn you of the security risks associated with websites before you access them.

Watch this video or follow our guides on how to add Trend Micro Toolbar to your browsers.

2. Turn On Webmail Protection

Using Trend Micro's technology, the Email Defender scans for fraudulent emails and warns you if it detects something suspicious. This feature will protect your files from malware infection and help you avoid scams and other phishing activities. Here's how to turn it on:

  1. Open your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Log in to your Gmail or Outlook web portal. A pop-up will appear.
  3. Click Protect Your Email Now.

    Protect Your Email Now in Windows

  4. Read the License Agreement, then select Agree and Turn On. You will see this message to confirm it is ON.

    Email Defender is ON

3. Turn On Ransomware Protection

Use the Folder Shield to protect your school files and folders from being encrypted by Ransomware.

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click the Data tab.

    Click Data

  2. Click Configure beside Folder Shield.

    Click Configure

  3. Read the introduction, then click OK.
  4. On Choose Folders You Want to Protect window, Trend Micro displays the three initial folders to protect: Documents, OneDrive, and Pictures. Click Protect More, then add your important files and folders.

    Find Folder

  5. Click OK, then click Done.

4. Secure Online Accounts

Keeping your login credentials and passwords safe is essential. Trend Micro recommends you use Password Manager to store these sensitive information in one secure location that only you can access.

Here’s our guide on how to add it to your favorite browsers: How to enable Password Manager Extension.

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