It's important to turn on accessibility permissions on your mobile device to keep it secure. It ensures that all the features you need run smoothly. This extra step is necessary to further protect your personal info and keep your device secure.

Why Enable Accessibility Permission?

Enabling Accessibility permission is crucial for activating the Things to Fix in Mobile Security. This feature provides protection against security threats by collecting and scanning website links and app data for malware, harmful websites, and system enhancements.

How to Enable Accessibility Permission?

  1. Open your Mobile Security app, then select a feature.
  2. You will see an Accessibility prompt. Click Next.

    NOTE:: The prompt will only appear for features using Accessibility.

  3. Find and tap Mobile Security.
  4. Turn on Mobile Security.

What Happens When You Turn ON the Shortcut?

Enabling the Accessibility shortcut setting (an Android feature for quickly managing app Accessibility settings) will add a floating Trend Micro Mobile Security icon or a human icon on the edge of your screen.

Why am I seeing this icon?

The icon appears on the screen because your Accessibility shortcut setting is enabled. It is an Android feature that allows you to easily turn on or off the Accessibility setting of a specific app.

How do I remove this icon?

Removing the Trend Micro Mobile Security Accessibility shortcut or the human icon will not affect the app's performance. However, if you're concerned about mistakenly turning off the app's accessibility features or if you simply don't like the icon, you can take these steps:

NOTE: The steps may vary depending on your device model. For issues, refer to your device manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

  1. On your mobile device, open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and look for Accessibility. You can use the search function in your settings to search for the Accessibility settings.
  3. Under Accessibility, tap Trend Micro Mobile Security. For some devices, tap Downloaded apps first to see the app list.
  4. Toggle the switch beside the Trend Micro Mobile Security shortcut to remove the icon.

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