Websites and apps use trackers to collect information about your online behavior. These tools monitor your browsing habits, favorite websites, and apps you use. While some trackers are harmless and can help enhance your digital experience, unwanted trackers can be invasive, compromising your online privacy and bombarding you with targeted ads.

What happens when apps and websites track you?

  • Your personal information gets collected for targeted ads and data sharing.
  • You become vulnerable to cyberattacks and phishing.
  • Websites may load slower due to too many trackers.
  • Data breaches could expose your sensitive information.

How to avoid being tracked

Avoiding tracking online is tough, as many apps and websites depend on it for personalized experiences, ads, and analytics. Still, you can minimize tracking with these best practices:

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On websites
On apps

Aside from the mentioned best practices, Trend Micro suggests enabling the Block Trackers in your Mobile Security. Block Trackers prevents data collection while browsing and using apps. Here are some of its helpful features:

  • Prevent Data Collection: It stops websites and apps from collecting your private information, keeping your online activities private.
  • Avoid Targeted Ads: Avoid personalized ads based on your browsing habits, making your online experience less intrusive.
  • Enhance Website Speed: Enjoy faster website loading without all the extra tracking baggage.
  • Defend Against Cyber Threats: Stay safe from cyber threats and phishing attempts that exploit your data.

How to enable Block Trackers

  1. On your device, open the Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Web Guard, then tap the switch to enable Web Guard.
  3. Tap Block Trackers to enable the feature.
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