Configure, change and edit the settings of the latest program features of Trend Micro Security for Windows.

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click Settings .

    Main Program Settings

  2. Configure your preferred settings:

    Main Program Settings

    Clicking Information Icon will give you the description of each feature to help you customize your settings.

    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > Scan Preferences to configure how the program will react to detected threats.

      Scan Preferences

    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > PC Health Checkup to customize what security vulnerabilities to check and temporary files to clean.

      PC Health Checkup

    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > Scheduled Scans to set when to do a Quick or Full Scan automatically.

      Scheduled Scans

    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Web Threats to adjust how the Trend Micro Toolbar checks links and websites for threats.

      Web Threats

    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Spam and emailed files to enable/disable the Antispam Toolbar.

      Spam & Emailed Files

    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Network to enable/disable the Firewall Booster.


    • Select Exception Lists to add/remove programs, folders, websites or wireless connections that the scans will ignore.

      Programs and Folders

      Exception List - Websites

      Wireless Connection

    • Select Other Settings > System Startup to adjust how Trend Micro protects you after opening your computer.

      System Startup

    • Select Other Settings > Network Settings to modify how Trend Micro connects to your Internet.

      Network Settings

    • Select Other Settings > Smart Protection Network to enable/disable how you share your computer information with Trend Micro.

      Smart Protection Network

    • Select Other Settings > Password to prevent unauthorized changes in the program.


    • Select Other Settings > Background and Animation to choose a new look and feel of your Trend Micro program.

      Background and Animation

    • Select Restore Default Settings to revert your program to its original settings.

      Restore Default Settings

  3. Click Apply, then click OK to save the changes.
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