When you set a program password, it must be provided first before making any changes with the program.

This is not the same as your Trend Micro Account password.

  1. Open Trend Micro.
  2. Click the Settings icon Settings icon.

    Main Program Settings

  3. Click Other Settings.

    Other Settings

  4. Select Password.


  5. Put a check beside Enable password protection to prevent unauthorized changes.

    Enable password protection

  6. Type your preferred password, then retype it in the Confirm password field.
    • It must contain 8 to 50 characters composed of numbers (0 to 9), uppercase (A to Z) and lowercase (a to z) letters.
    • It must NOT include any special characters (!, @, $, etc.) or any non-english alphabet characters.
  7. Provide a hint to remember your password and your email address in case you forget it.
  8. Click Apply, then OK to save the changes.

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