Listed are Trend Micro Security for Windows known issues and product limitations. This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

Issues with Windows 11

Other Issues

  • Folder Shield Badge cannot display on OneDrive.
  • Google Drive is not included in the Folder Shield default protected folder.
  • When editing information in the subscription page, the email address field can only accommodate 50 characters.
  • Time Limits in Parental Controls will still take effect on websites added in the Exception list as Trusted.
  • After using Clean Privacy Data feature in PC Health Checkup, Flash Player remains on the list even after removing the program.
  • Quick Scan results page will show before scanning finishes.
  • Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge will show "badge value 0" when mouse is hovered on the icon.
  • The expiration date format on the program differs from the Subscription Information page when region and regional format in the computer settings is set to Australia.
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