If you're using Trend Micro Security for Windows, you're not alone! Many users encounter issues and limitations. But don't worry; we're here to help. This article provides straightforward solutions to common problems.

Version 17.8 (2023)

Quick Scan Delay

When you run a quick scan, you might notice a brief 10-second delay before the results appear. This is a normal part of the scanning process, ensuring a thorough check of your system.

Pay Guard and Password Manager

Are you having trouble with "Automatically Open in Pay Guard" or "Ask me what to do"? If you have both Trend Micro Password Manager extension and Trend Micro Toolbar installed but the Password Manager is disabled in your browser, these features may not work as expected. Make sure to enable the Password Manager in your browser settings to enjoy full functionality.

Pay Guard and Web Browsing

If you have both Password Manager and Trend Micro Toolbar installed, Pay Guard can enhance your online security. However, if Pay Guard is set to "Automatically open," please note that visiting a banking or shopping site may open the Pay Guard window in your device's default browser, not the one you're currently using. To avoid this, you can manually select your preferred browser.

Pay Guard Pop-up

If your Pay Guard is configured to "Ask me what to do," and you encounter a Pay Guard promotion pop-up, it may open in your default browser, not your current one. You can easily switch to your preferred browser for a seamless experience.

Version 17.7 (2022)

  • Mute Mode may frequently get triggered.
  • Folder Shield Badge cannot display on OneDrive.
  • Google Drive is not included in the Folder Shield default protected folder.
  • When editing information in the subscription page, the email address field can only accommodate 50 characters.
  • Time Limits in Parental Controls will still take effect on websites added in the Exception list as Trusted.
  • After using Clean Privacy Data feature in PC Health Checkup, Flash Player remains on the list even after removing the program.
  • Quick Scan results page will show before scanning finishes.
  • Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge will show "badge value 0" when mouse is hovered on the icon.
  • The expiration date format on the program differs from the Subscription Information page when region and regional format in the computer settings is set to Australia.

Version 17.0 (2021)

  • Web Threat Protection feature for Microsoft Edge version 88 and Google Chrome version 90 has some limitations.
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