Check your Subscription Information to know when it is time to renew your Trend Micro protection.

By clicking Expiration Date

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click the expiry date you can see at the bottom.

    Expiration Date

  2. The Subscription Information window will open. You will see these details:
    • Protection remaining in days
    • Software name
    • Activation Code
    • Expiration Date
    • Computer Name
    • Email Address
    • Location

    Subscription Information

    Click Edit subscription information if you want to update the details of your account.

By clicking Profile Icon

  1. Open Trend Micro program.
  2. On the upper right, click the Profile icon, and click Subscription Information.
  3. Subscription Information

  4. The Subscription Information window will now open.

If you cannot see expiration date, your subscription is probably from Best Buy. Contact our Technical Support for further assistance.

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