System Tuner/Memory Booster in Trend Micro Mobile Security helps make your battery last longer, recover storage space, optimize your settings, and clean up your web browsing history. It can also switch off unused apps running in the background to help enhance your privacy. Before making any changes, System Tuner/Memory Booster backs up your current settings.

Enable System Tuner/Memory Booster

Before you can use all of its features, you need to enable permissions for Mobile Security.

  1. Tap the Mobile Security app.
  2. Select System Tuner/Memory Booster.
  3. Tap the Mobile Security needs permissions before you can use all of the System Tuner/Memory Booster features warning you see at the top.
  4. Tap the Allow Now button.
  5. Turn on ALL permissions for Trend Micro Mobile Security. You will see a Permissions Allowed message after enabling all permissions.

What does each feature mean?

  • Memory shows how much each apps uses and whether you have enough left to avoid performance problems.
  • Add homescreen shortcut ?allows you to add a System Tuner/Memory Booster shortcut in the Home screen to quickly acces System Tuner/Memory Booster.
  • Optimize allows you to recover device memory and battery.
  • App Freeze lets you force stop selected apps and clear up phone memory.
  • Battery Gauge - Shows your current battery life.
  • Temperature - Shows your device's temperature level.
  • Apps in Use - Shows the apps to optimize. This option will appear after clicking Optimize.

NOTE: Just-a-Phone Mode, Smart Power Saver and Auto Just-a-Phone was removed due to Operating System compatibility issue.

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