System Tuner in Trend Micro Mobile Security helps make your battery last longer, recover storage space, optimize your settings, and clean up your web browsing history. It can also switch off unused apps running in the background to help enhance your privacy. Before making any changes, System Tuner backs up your current settings.

Enable System Tuner

Before you can use all of its features, you need to enable permissions for Mobile Security.

  1. Tap the Mobile Security app.
  2. Select System Tuner.
  3. Tap the Mobile Security needs permissions before you can use all of the System Tuner features warning you see at the top.
  4. Tap the Allow Now button.
  5. Turn on ALL permissions for Trend Micro Mobile Security. You will see a Permissions Allowed message after enabling all permissions.

What does each feature mean?

  • Memory shows how much each apps uses and whether you have enough left to avoid performance problems.
  • Add homescreen shortcut ​allows you to add a System Tuner shortcut in the Home screen to quickly acces System Tuner.
  • Optimize allows you to recover device memory and battery.
  • *App Freeze lets you force stop selected apps and clear up phone memory.
  • *Just-a-Phone Mode helps keep your mobile device battery last longer. With a single tap, you can automatically shut down everything except for the most essential features. Any actively running apps will also shut down after 10 minutes.
  • *Auto Just-a-Phone lets you customize how the app behaves by setting up automatic responses based on how much power you have left.
    • Auto Activate lets you set a schedule to activate Just-a-Phone mode automatically.
    • Auto Activate Threshold lets you set conditions for activating Just-a-Phone mode automatically.
    • Switch off 3G/4G helps you save power by shutting down your cellular data connection.
    • Switch off Wi-Fi helps you save power by shutting down your wireless Internet network connection.
    • Switch off Bluetooth helps you save power by shutting down your Bluetooth capability.
    • Stop any running apps helps you save power by shutting down apps you have not approved.
  • Smart Power Saver helps make your battery last longer using methods that you should hardly ever notice.
    • Standby Saver makes Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and Bluetooth shut down automatically if nobody uses the phone.
    • Smart Wi-Fi makes Wi-Fi shut down automatically if you have not connected with a network to avoid wasting power by searching for one.

*Note: Just-a-Phone Mode, Auto Just-a-Phone, and App Freeze is unavailable in Android devices running in version 10 and above due to OS incompatibility.

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