When Mute Mode is ON, the system tray icon will look like this: Mute Mode Icon

How does Mute Mode work?

Mute Mode stops less important pop ups from interrupting you while working or playing games on Windows PC.

Check out this video for Mute Mode tips and tricks.

Turn ON Mute Mode

Right-click the Trend Micro icon Trend Micro icon in the taskbar notification area, and then select Start Mute Mode.

If you cannot see the icon, click the Show hidden icons arrow ^ next to the notification area.

Start Mute Mode

Configure Mute Mode

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click the Device tab.


  2. Click Configure beside Mute Mode.

    Configure Mute Mode

    If you see an Introduction page, click OK.

    Expand All
    Start Mute Mode automatically
    Start Mute Mode manually
    Terminate programs while in Mute Mode

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