An email scam is a type of phishing method to get personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords. Scammers use this information to blackmail you into paying an amount of money in order for their information not to be leaked.

How do scammers get these email addresses?

They can get these from:

  • Big leaks of information in the past few years
  • Illegal buying or using of brute force programs
  • Email addresses subscribed to unusual promos and surveys

What should I do after receiving a suspected email scam?

DO NOT PAY the scammer. There is no assurance yet that they have the information, and if they have the information, there is no assurance that they will delete the information after paying.

  1. Change the password of your email address.
  2. Do not open emails from unknown sources.
  3. Unsubscribe to any unusual promos and surveys.

What should I do after realizing I have been scammed?

  1. Remove or uninstall the programs suspicious third-party support installed.
  2. If you utilize backups or snapshot images (such as Windows System Restore), try reverting to a previous restore point or backup taken before the questionable call or session.
  3. If you provided any passwords, change them immediately on all sites or areas you may have used them.
  4. If you provided your credit card information, you should contact your issuing bank and request a fraud investigation and/or reverse the charges.
  5. If you still have issues on your system that you suspect may be related to malware, contact our Technical Support for further assistance. If possible, make sure to take note of the following:
    • Sender's email address.
    • Crucial content of the email.
    • Date you received the email.

I have Trend Micro Security installed

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I am not yet a Trend Micro user

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