This article answers frequently asked questions about Password Manager.


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What is Password Manager and its key features?
How does Secure Notes work?
How often does Password Manager sync?
What is a Master Password? What happens if I forget it?
How do I lock/unlock Password Manager?
How do I enable the Auto-Fill feature?
How do I Enable/Disable Password Manager?

Purchase and Subscription

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Will the free version expire?
How much does the paid version cost? How long does the subscription last?
What is the difference between the free and paid version?
I have a paid version. If I do not renew, will my passwords and Secure Notes be deleted?
Can multiple users use Password Manager on the same license?


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Is Password Manager compatible with Windows 10?
Is Password Manager compatible with Microsoft Edge?
How many devices can I install Password Manager on?
Does Password Manager support the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer? What are the Password Manager supported browsers?
Does Password Manager conflict with other antivirus products? What programs do I need to remove before installing it?
Why do I have to separately download Password Manager in Google Chrome Web Store?
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  • I want to stop it popping up everytime I enter a password. I know my passwords of frequent things and the password for the Password Manager is tedious and I'd prefer it not to pop up unless I want it. The frequently asked Q asked how do I enable/disable the PW manager and the link says how to enable the PW manager. I didn't try the link because it clearly didn't say disable. If this is incorrect, please amend the link for enable/disable. Thanks
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