This article shows you how to check if your Home Network Security Station is in good condition.

Check the physical components of your Station

Check the following components and make sure they are intact:

Ensure that the Station is powered ON
  1. Connect the adapter to the outlet and the Station.
  2. Make sure power on the outlet is turned ON.
  3. Change outlets to ensure power is ON.
Make sure you have stable Internet connection
  1. Disconnect your Home Network Security from the router.
  2. Check if internet line is connected to the router's WAN port.
    1. If there is no internet connection:
      • Reboot your router
      • Check the network status from your Internet Service Provider
      • Check your router settings
    2. If you are able to connect to the Internet, reconnect your Home Network Security Station to the router.
Check the connection between the router and the Station
  1. Use the Ethernet cable provided to connect the Home Network Security Station to any available LAN ports of your router.
  2. Check if the two LED lights of the LAN port are turned on. LED lights should look like this:

    • One port should be blinking green
    • The other port should be steady green or yellow
  3. If the LED lights don't light up as mentioned, move the Ethernet cable to another router LAN port.
    Once the LED lights become normal, your Home Network Security Station should be connected to the network.
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