If you have reached this page, it means you are using a product which has already reached its End of Life and/or End of Support.

A product's End of Life (EOL) marks the date that a particular program version is retired to make way for the latest available version. Eventually, the product will reach its End of Support (EOS) and it stops downloading updates. Also, technical support will be limited to upgrading to the latest version.

Why should I install the latest version or upgrade my security software?

The latest versions of Trend Micro Security contains the newest features, performance improvements and extended services such as protection to your mobile devices, passwords, data and files.

My product has reached its EOL/EOS but my subscription has not yet expired. What can I do?

Do not worry. You can continue your subscription by downloading and installing the latest version. You will be using the same serial number which means that your expiration date remains the same. For instructions, on how to upgrade your current version to the latest version, check below:

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For Windows
For Mac
For Android

My subscription has expired. What can I do?

You will need to purchase the latest version by...

What are the minimum system requirements to install the latest version?

To install the latest version, your computer must meet the system requirements.

Have more questions about EOS/EOL?

Check these Knowledge Base articles: SafeSync | Mobile Security | Longevity

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