You must first install and activate your Trend Micro product on your computer or mobile device so you can claim the cashback promotion.

  1. Visit our official cashback website depending on where you purchased our products:
  2. Enter your Serial Number, then click Submit.
  3. Fill out the needed information, then click Submit.

    You will receive a system email notification to the email address you typed in with a ticket number for future communication with the Cashback Customer Service Team.

Where can I find my Serial Number?

The product serial is located on your Order Confirmation
It will appear on the barcode and will be 20 alphanumeric characters long, beginning with an X and will look similar to this example:

  • XEAF-1234-5678-5015-4624

Where can I find my Cashback Serial Number?

It is also found on your Order Confirmation and your Order Confirmation Email with this format: T50.

What is my Bank ID?

All bank account numbers in New Zealand use this pattern: AA BBBB CCCCCCC DDD.

The first six digits (AA BBBB) denote the Bank ID. The next seven digits (CCCCCCC) show the account number, the remaining digits show the account suffix (usually 2 or 3 numbers).

If your account number is 12-3456-1234567-00:

  • Bank ID: 12-3456
  • Account number: 123456700

How will I receive my cashback?

Cashback is issued via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and paid into a nominated bank account only.

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