You see this error message when you activate Mobile Security on your Android phone or tablet:

"Invalid Activation Key"

Why did this happen?

The Activation Key is already registered on another device.

What should I do next?

Turn over your protection from an old device or computer to a new one using your Trend Micro Account.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your email address and password, then tap Sign In.
    If you set up Two-Factor Authentication, you will need to type in the verification code sent to your preferred method (Authenticator App, Email or Text).
  3. Remove protection to an old device:
    1. Tap the Licenses tab, then look for your ongoing subscription.
    2. Tap Manage Device +, then hover to the device you want to remove protection.
    3. Tap the X icon on the upper right corner of the device.

      Before deleting protection, check the computer (Windows, Mac) or mobile device (Android, iPhone or iPad) name to prevent accidental removal on the devices you currently use.

    4. Tap Yes to confirm.
  4. Open the Mobile Security app.
  5. Tap Buy/Activate.
  6. Tap Use an Activation Code, then type your serial number.

Having problems with your account?
We're here to help!

Give us a call or start a chat and let our Trend Micro Support Representatives guide you.

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